Cabbage, kohlrabi and choi…oh my!

My hope in participating in a CSA program this year was to try vegetables I normally wouldn’t buy from the grocery store and farmer’s market. Mission accomplished. Case in point, my latest delivery: choi, romaine lettuce, Napa cabbage, sugar snap peas and kohlrabi. Peas and romaine lettuce, I know what to do with. Swiss chard sometimes appears in a green smoothie. But choi? Kohlrabi? What the heck do you do with those?

Here are two recipes—one raw, one cooked— that we tweaked to get the most out of these glorious greens. I say “we” because my husband is the chef of the household. If he ever reads these posts, I want to make sure I’m not passing off his culinary skills as my own!

Thai Crunch Salad – I love Danielle Walker and her recipes (she makes amazing deserts) so I had to give this one a try. This salad calls for Napa cabbage, peas, jicama, carrot and mango. We added the kohlrabi which tastes very similarly to a radish. Don’t skip the dressing.

Pak Choi with Smoked Bacon – Mix bacon with any green and you have it made. Instead of just choi, we added the swiss chard. This was delicious alone but would have been equally yummy on a bed of romaine.

Why eat greens?

  • Green veggies are alkaline. Meaning, they help to neutralize acidic conditions in the body brought on by emotional stress, the Standard American Diet and environmental toxins (having an excess acidity in the body may result in health problems such as cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, viruses, weight gain, skin conditions and more).
  • Greens, especially the leafy kind, support the respiratory system.
  • In ancient Indian teachings, green vegetables feed the heart chakra which is home to love, joy and inner peace.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, greens promote liver health plus emotional stability and creativity.
  • Greens also aid in blood purification, cancer prevention, circulation, immune function, and gut health.
CSA Greens
An example of my weekly crop share haul from the week before! I was in too much of a hurry last week to wash and store all the greens to snap a photo.

What’s your favorite green and way to prepare it? Leave me a comment!