Choose happiness

What are six things in your life that you are happy about right now? I was asked this question today during practice coaching session with one of my fellow IIN students. I know it’s probably easier thinking of six things that AREN’T going well. Are there things in my life that I’d like to be different? Hell, yes! I think I’m naturally more of a glass-half-empty kind of person. But I know mindset is everything.  The more I focus on the negative, the more I’ll draw negativity to me. When I think positive, I’m convinced good and amazing things will happen in my life.

So here are my six. What are yours?

  1. I’m in the best physical condition of my life.
  2. I’m listening to my body doing more workouts that I not only LOVE but make me feel amazing (see this and this).
  3. I’m enrolled in a life-changing school studying to become a holistic health coach (something I’m seriously passionate about).
  4. I’m actually taking action steps to reach my goals (rather than just thinking about it) for my life and for my health.
  5. My family and I just moved to a beautiful slice of heaven.
  6. My son is strong, healthy and smart – it must mean I’m doing something right as a mom.



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