Two Words: Oregon Strawberries

After completing just about two weeks of the 21 day sugar detox I dined at the Silver Grille. My original plan was then to start the detox over again from day one. A week later, I attended a birthday celebration, complete with a gluten-free, organic cake. On Mother’s Day, it was a pineapple. I’ll just start over again, I thought.

Today, my son hands me a strawberry and says, “Eat my strawberry, please.” This is a big deal. Strawberries (okay, all berries) are D’s all-time favorite. Sometimes, he’ll bring me food that I just pretend to eat. But a strawberry, a fresh Oregon strawberry? I couldn’t say no and, at this point, I don’t want to.

After the over-indulgences of the holidays, a January detox was exactly what my body needed. With summertime festivities and the availability of fresh and local fruit, 21 days—in a row—of a strict detox might not happen right now.

Biggest accomplishment: going so long without dairy. I don’t drink milk but I like good cheeses (feta is my fav – still waiting on a feta ice cream) and real cream. I feel better, plus going dairy-free deters me from eating the feta crumbles out of the Costco container with a fork (what, it’s not supposed to be eaten that way?) or stealing sips of cream from the carton.

Unless I find that feta ice cream, I’m going to still limited dairy but may have it as an ingredient in a recipe or use a little cream in my coffee once or twice a week (coconut milk is pretty tasty as are my almond milk lattes, but sometimes you just need the real deal). I won’t stress if my banana isn’t green enough.

I still definitely recommend the detox if you have never done it. It changed the way I fuel myself and how food tastes. It sparks an awareness of how your body functions and how you feed it. I’d love to do it again with a group for accountability and support (if you are looking to start – check out this Facebook group!). Fall detox, anyone?

Timing is everything.



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